The Anti-racist Learning Community is a diverse collective of people dedicated to using education, conversation, and collective learning as grounds for change. Our programming is made up of:

  • Monthly book club + virtual discussions and events

  • Weekly resources and action steps

  • Diverse and engaged community to hold you accountable

We recognize that there are a variety of information-rich resources put together by activists, educators, and writers and that what we lack is a tangible and actionable guide to consuming this essential information regularly. For our first group, we will be utilizing the Ibram X. Kendi’s anti-racism syllabus, graciously curated by Tasha K. Ryals. While this list of resources can seem overwhelming at first, we will focus on making it accessible with weekly lessons, action steps, and a monthly book club discussion.

Every Sunday we will send out a newsletter with a collection of resources to read, watch, and listen to. Monthly, we will host a book club around an anti-racist text with a culminating facilitated Zoom dialogue on the final Sunday at 8 pm EST.

Join the community.

Be part of a community of people dedicated to integrating anti-racist education into their everyday lives. You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox.

If you are interested in getting involved in leading this project please email antiracistlearning@gmail.com


This community is a space where people in all places of their educational journeys can come together to utilize and amplify the resources put together by people of color and those who have shared their own lived experience. In no way do we take credit nor intend to whitewash these resources, but rather employ them to reach an audience that can consciously learn together.

We are not an authority on anti-racist education nor are we experts, but we are people who care enough to try to learn, to do, and to be better. We see our role as curating existing material into a tangible and simplified format that makes anti-racist education accessible. We ask for your support in sharing these resources with your families, peers, and coworkers because ultimately these conversations need to happen across our dinner tables, at work, in our places of worship, as well as in the classroom.

Please point out our blind spots, help us question our own practices, and send us your suggestions. We know we have room to grow and thank you in advance for your help in being better: antiracistlearning@gmail.com