June Book Club! 📚

Join our Netflix viewing party on 6/27 and our facilitated discussion on 6/30.

Thank you to everyone following along with our June book club. If you were unable to follow our reading of Stamped From the Beginning by Ibram Kendi this month, don’t worry! We’re hosting other events this week to help you engage in anti-racist discussion with peers. Simply by reading anti-racist literature, seeking resources, and challenging your own biases, you are contributing to a strong, diverse, collaborative community dedicated to anti-racist education. ✊🏽

Information on Our June Book Club

What We’re Doing This Month

  1. Reading Stamped From the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi and holding an open dialogue about the book at our June book club facilitated discussion

  2. Watching Episode 1 of When They See Us by Ava DuVernay together for our June Watch Party

How to Access Each

  1. Stamped From the Beginning is free HERE and on Spotify

  2. When They See Us is on Netflix, where we will watch it via Netflix Party!

Important Dates/Times

  1. Movie Night →  Saturday, June 27th at 8:30 pm EST

  2. Book Club Facilitated Discussion →  Tuesday, June 30th at 8:30 pm EST 

Accessing Each Event:

Movie Night Netflix Party Zoom Link

  1. We will first meet on Zoom, where we will send the Netflix Party link to join. We will use that same Zoom call to debrief afterwards for those who would like to do so. 

  2. Note that to use Netflix Party, you must install the Netflix Party plugin on Google Chrome, and then click the NP icon in the top right corner of your screen after opening the link to watch. 

Discussion Zoom Registration Link

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Guiding Questions to Consider While Reading:

  1. How have racist ideas spread through time? Do racist ideas lead to racial discrimination and then to ignorance or hate, or is it the opposite? Why do you think racist ideas have been prevalent when it comes to religion and history?

  2. How do the events described in Stamped From the Beginning relate to what is occurring today? How can we avoid perpetuating systems of oppression moving forward? 

  3. Kendi outlines three types of people: segregationists, assimilationists, and anti-racists. How do these ideologies play out today? How can we use these labels to educate about racism?

  4. Throughout Stamped From the Beginning, Kendi shows a lot of ignorance/inaccurate assumptions about black people. What is the responsibility of people to question ideologies promoted by those in power and the media?

  5. How have those that have been idolized throughout history added to racist beliefs and the racial hierarchy (Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, etc.)? How were so many anti-slavery or abolitionist while continuing to be racist, and how does this relate to performatism and action vs. intention?

  6. What should change in school curriculums to educate about these racist ideologies and hidden details that are not being taught in schools presently? How does omitting this information reinforce racist beliefs of black inferiority?

  7. We now have an overwhelming amount of information at our fingertips (as opposed to before, where much of the discussion regarding racism was limited to a few newspapers or plays). How can we use this to our advantage to promote anti-racism, and make sure not to get lost in all of the resources available to us?

  8. How has religion been used to fuel racist and pro-slavery beliefs over time? How is the relationship between race and religion similar or different today?

Did you learn something new? Feel uncomfortable? Challenge your own idea of race? We'd love it if you shared the resources above with a friend, a coworker, or a community member to help them do the same. 

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P.S. If you’re interested in getting involved with curating, writing, or organizing within this learning community, please email us at (antiracistlearning@gmail.com)  ❤️